Please, not another blogger!


About the blog

Not to worry, this is not another blog of endless, casual considerations… This is a space for meaningful content… ideas, thoughts, and a collection of my most interesting published work, which hopefully will inspire you, or simply challenge you.

Disclaimer: before you get bored, this blog contains articles about Motorsports, as well as thoughts about politics and current affairs (check the dedicated pages in English and Italian …)


About me

For those curious enough to know who I am or what I do, I am a media professional, and Motorsports is my field of daily operations… after graduating in the UK, and being adopted by a few European cities, London has become once again (for the second time) home.
And the world –  which I’ve been fortunate enough to see in much of its beauty, excesses and contradictions – is out there!

If you wish to get in touch, send a line (not a poem!) to or check my LinkedIn profile

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